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10 comprehensive steps Hyper Reality is taking to keep our venue COVID safe

1. A warm welcome to Hyper Reality by our staff wearing facemasks. Our venue can usually host up to 45 customers not including staff.
2. Check there are no more than 10 customers in the shop at once before letting more customers into the playspaces.
3. Check that the customer is wearing a mask covering the nose and mouth
4. Forehead check with temperature gun that no one is above 38C
5. Provide hand sanitizer to customers
6. Fill out name and phone numbers for Track and Trace
7. Sign Waiver Forms for the experiences if not done so already
8. Receive a VR cloth facemask to be used for the duration of the experiences
9. Controllers, Headsets, and other accessories are wiped down and cleaned after each use
10. Every two hours we’ll use the UV wand to go over the play spaces and the bar


What is VR and is it for me?

Virtual Reality is a simulated reality which can transport you into unlimited new worlds. An experience unlike no other, a Hyper Reality. Once inside a headset you will have left everything you understand about reality behind.

Why choose Hyper Reality?

Here at Hyper we are trying to deliver VR a little differently. We understand that gaming is a community and intend to deliver that atmosphere at Hyper. We have created a chill lounge, filled with retro games and board games, which we invite you to come hang out in and meet other chill people from around the world. Our staff are passionate gamers, artists, and VR experts. We delight in sharing the experiences and knowledge we have around VR. Hyper also has a lot of thrill inducing content which is exclusive to us and only us. VR? Think Hyper!

What are our age restrictions?

The majority of our experiences are aged 12+ due to their content. We do have experiences available for those 12 and under such as The Rollercoasters or the GoKarts, and Tower Tag that are for all ages. More content of this caliber is on the way however so keep a close eye on our socials. Please note, if you are a first time customer and wants to do any VR you'll need to sign a waiver form. Anyone under the age of 18 will need someone over 18 years old to sign the waiver form for you.

How to book parties/ private hire?

We take bookings for parties, private hires, corporate events and more! Just call or email us at contact@hyper-reality.io with your special date in mind and we can check availability straight away.

Playing with friends/ no strangers!

Our experiences are designed to be played solo or in groups of up to 4. The amount of people you play with has no effect on game play other than the opportunity to share the experience with friends. We can guarantee that you will be placed into our experiences only with the people you enter with, no strangers in sight!

When should I arrive?

We ask you arrive and check in at least 15 minutes before your time slot. This is to go through game instructions and sign waiver forms. We do run our experiences back to back and are often very busy. If you do arrive late you may find yourself waiting a while before a space opens up, we will also prioritise those who have booked and are on time. If this does happen though, fear not! Join us at The Bar for a drink and a snack and build your energy ready for your experience!

What should I wear?

We advise comfy clothes you can move around in. No high heels in the game spaces, no vision and high heels is a definite trip hazard! We only want people flying in the VR world. Small framed glasses can also be worn during all of our experiences.

How long are the experiences?

The length of our experiences vary. Typically it will average out to be a pound a minute though some of our Arena games are arcade rules, stay until you “die”, although we of course will give everyone a fair crack at the whip! Our “Place with no name” experiences also vary in duration but all last around 10 minutes depending on how quickly or slowly you want to explore those worlds, and of course survive.

Is it possible to change or cancel a reservation?

It is possible to reschedule a booked appointment 48 hours before your booked in timeslot, we will work with you on selecting the best slot compatible with new availabilities. Less than 48 hours cancellations or no shows will be charged the full price unfortunately as it leaves us with an un-bookable slot. For venue bookings, we require a 50% deposit to secure the slot, and similarly if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the actual booking time, the deposit will not be refundable as it leaves us too short notice to book out the slot.