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HyperReality VR world envision

London’s Premier Cyberpunk VR and Bar!



For the high score chasers we have a selection of VR arcade games. Get hyped with your friends or as a lone wolf.


Dynamic adventures with your friends around these amazing experiences.


Get hyped on our rollercoaster experiences. Having a good time is guaranteed.

VR Go-Kart

Go-Karting in VR, select your character, beat your friends!

Keeping Hyper Clean and Sanitised

A two hour ticket including one game in all of our VR zones and access to the Retro Arcade Lounge. The most popular package we have to experience a bit of everything that Hyper has to offer.
No Roadrunner Tickets Between 27th – 31 Oct. Only the Halloween Extravaganza Tickets are available.
Short on time? Looking for a taster of what Hyper is all about? This is an one hour package that gives you one experience in The Arena, one ride on the rollercoaster or a race on the go-karts, and access to our retro arcade lounge.
Book your karaoke session in Hyper Reality’s The Club.  £20 for two people and £8 for each additional person per hour.  Enjoy a wide range of cocktails, mocktails, sake mixers, and beers from our very own Cyberpunk Bar.  Tokyo Lights, Karaoke Nights.

Hyper Gift Cards for those last minute gift ideas!!

Hyper Walk-in Prices

***walk-ins are generally NOT available on weekends (Fri-Sun) as we are usually packed with All-Access or Roadrunner ticket holders***

The “Place with No Name” Experiences- £12 and up

The Arena Experiences- £8 and up

Rollercoaster Experiences- £3 and up

VR Go-Kart Experience – £6.5 per person per race

Ask at The Bar for more information on what worlds can be delved into.

Place with no name and Arena experiences are for players 7 years old and older

Experiences typically last for £1 a minute, though if your hidden profession is a super hero or a ninja, then experiences can last up to 15 mins in The Arena on one credit

£1.50 discount on each experience for students (please present student ID)

VR Bonanza

This is an awesome space! The ladies and gents working there remind me of a crack squad from the Matrix! Played the zombie game which was great fun and challenging! Go karting also, which was a wicked experience - cheers for the laughs! Need to get myself there for a session in the retro space downstairs 🙂

Will on Trip Advisor (Aug 2020)

Amazing experience!!

I was able to book out the entire venue as part of an event with just under 20 of us in attendance. Everyone enjoyed themselves and found all the experiences incredibly enjoyable. The venue was extremely comfortable and cosy and was a great place to have friends gather to chill and hang out. The staff were super helpful and friendly which made our time there even better! There is definitely something for everyone, from the insta worthy interiors to vr experiences and board games and retro game consoles. Would recommend anyone curious about vr gaming to give Hyper Reality a visit!

SJL on Trip Advisor

The perfect team building experience

We went as a group of 11, which turned out to the the perfect number of people for everyone to get on the 3 different VR experiences they offer. Really cool games and super chill, helpful staff. Highly recommended!

Peter N on Trip Advisor

Hidden Gem In East London

Went with a large group of friends and had an incredible time! We did the wizarding experience (Harry Potter fan here) and loved it! My God the visuals were incredible - I was so scared to step and fall into the the virtual ravine - felt so real. And the dragon was so realistic. I’ve not ever seen anything like it. Also the venue is really cool with punky Japanese lettering everywhere. Really cool & edgy vibe. We got to meet the owner who was really lovely and couldn’t have been more helpful and kind. This one won’t stay hidden forever so go now before the word gets out & it gets too busy.

TripAficiando126 on Trip Advisor

Your new local theme-park!

I'd been clearly incorrectly believing that VR was overhyped. Prejudiced by trying some awful nausea inducing experience 25 years ago in the Trocadero. Believe the hype in Hyper Reality. This is a stomach flipping, adrenaline pumping, full sensory overload set of experiences in a shop environment. Better value and more personal fun than the funfair that rolls into town or a trip to Alton Towers, whether it be sitting in the back of a runaway rickshaw on the Great Wall of China, shooting up an onslaught of zombies back to back with your partner or making your way through a spooky castle, wand in hand slaying goblins, wizards and dragons Harry Potter style, the senses are in full belief that the jeopardy is absolutely real. I still can't get over how long I took trying to walk across stepping stones in the castle experience for fear of falling to my death in the chasm below when I knew full well I was in a normal room. Wow. Go experience it for yourself....words are not enough.

tadeyool on Trip Advisor


The tokyo pop mood as you walk in is set with the red lights and general art decor. I only tried the roller coaster because I was late and didn't regret. The simulator gives you all the heart racing benefits of a real rollercoaster with none of the risk!I was screaming!!! The pricing is very affordable in fact, it's cheap for the amount of stimulation you get. The staff are super friendly with a chilled vibe and made me feel at home straight away! I'm definitely going back to shoot zombies!

Bubu_boo on Trip Advisor

Great fun and good price for something a little different

Games are great fun and very reasonably priced. The staff and owner were very friendly and talked us through the venue and its differing games. Can easily pop in to play one game or entertain yourself for a couple of hours. Also has a chilled out lounge downstairs where you can play board games and retro games whilst enjoying a drink. Would highly recommend!

felixpercy1996 on Trip Advisor

Amazing place and people

This VR cafe is a great addition to Stepney green. The staff are really friendly and accommodating, the space is cool (made me reminisce about the electronic district of Tokyo) and it is clearly a labour of love. The VR games are a cut above what you can achieve at home (I have a PS4 VR) including shooting games with fun gun feedback, a boxing game and a haunted house. Highly recommended and will come back.

46alexu on Trip Advisor

Amazing New Experience in London

The next big thing! Cool vibes, perfect place to just chill, have some fun and forget about reality! Not for the faint hearted!

Sharnahill on Trip Advisor

Fun and different

Great experience - different games to play and a haunted house VR bit which is super trippy. Really tasty coffee too and fun arcade games. Could easily pass a couple hours without realising

Phelol on Trip Advisor

One of the most immersive and entertaining experiences in London

Hyper-Reality offer a true gaming luxury for a really great price. The staff are absolutely fantastic and the games are on another level. Words don't do it justice, just seriously go and try it, you won't regret it!

Charlie8031 on Trip Advisor