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Experience Hyper Reality

BORING WORLD? Scroll Down to Experience a #HyperHalloween


For the high score chasers we have a selection of VR arcade games. Get hyped with your friends or as a lone wolf.


Dynamic adventures with your friends around these amazing experiences.


Get hyped on our rollercoaster experiences. Having a good time is guaranteed.

Hyper Prices

The “Place with No Name” Experiences- £12 and up

The Arena Experiences- £8 and up

Rollercoaster Experiences- £3 and up (no online booking, walk-ins only)

Ask at The Bar for more information on what worlds can be delved into.

Place with no name and Arena experiences are for players 7 years old and older

Experiences typically last for £1 a minute, though if your hidden profession is a super hero or a ninja, then experiences can last up to 20 mins in The Arena on one credit

£1.50 discount on each experience for students