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Hyper Reality shop interior

The Lounge

``Step into the electrifying world of our Neo-Tokyo inspired Lounge at Hyper Reality, where nostalgia meets the future. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary space where retro consoles and classic board games invite you to relive the magic of bygone eras. Beyond just cutting-edge technology and exhilarating rides, our Hyper Reality experience transports you to a place where futuristic vibes harmonize with a familiar sense of the past. Savor the allure of our Lounge – a haven of vintage gaming and cultural fusion. As a walk-in guest, all you need to do is indulge in a delightful drink or snack from The Bar to unlock the wonders of our Lounge. For those seeking the ultimate adventure, our All-Access ticket guarantees unlimited entry into The Lounge, enabling you to lose yourself in nostalgia for the entire duration of your ticket. Get ready to embark on a journey that intertwines the essence of yesterday with the innovations of tomorrow.``