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Everyday life got your wallet in a chokehold? Don`t worry, we got you!

Hey, we get it. Life is tough these days and it`s too short to be stressing about finances. Take advantage of our student discount code and focus only on the fun. Escape reality!

So, what`s the catch? What am I giving away?

These student discounts come courtesy of our partnership with StudentBeans. We ask for nothing in return. Come visit, grab a cocktail, chill, maybe play a couple of VR games. Ball is in YOUR COURT!

Experience your new favourite hang spot!

Dive into Hyper's world! Enjoy bespoke cocktails at our CYBERPUNK BAR, thrilling shooters in the ARENA, and motion chair adventures in the CYBER CIRCUIT. Experience free-roam fun in the PWNN and relax in our diverse console-filled LOUNGE for top-notch entertainment. Oh, we also have karaoke!