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Drink Selection


Hyper Coffee selection | £3.00

Special Gunnery Blend- Specialty Coffee Beans from El Salvador and Columbia. Notes of liquorice sugary sweetness and a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

Gunnery Latte
Gunnery Cappucino
Gunnery Flat White

Gunnery Blend gives the expresso a sweet taste than regular coffee. more of a caramel and pecan blend with a hint of cherry. Try a:

Gunnery Americano (£2.20)
Gunnery Espresso (£2.20)

Hyper tea selection | £2.75

Coconut and Turmeric
A sweet but spicy tea. Unusual sounding but an incredible taste.
White tea – Rose & Pomegranate
Floral and sweet. A very gentle tea.
Passion Fruit and Orange
Perfect fruity blend. Perfect hot or iced!
Vanilla Rooibos
Vanilla essence and a darker tea.

Hyper special selection | £3.00

Malaysian Hazelnut Latte
Special ‘white’ coffee originated in Ipoh, the capital city of Perak, Malaysia. The coffee beans are roasted with only margarine, without sugar, which gives the coffee a lighter shade.  The hazelnut adds the magical velvety texture and flavour.
Vietnamese Milk Coffee
Taste the famous perfectly blended Trung Nguyen coffee from Vietnam with an optional dash of condensed milk
Hyper Honey Hot Chocolate
French Hot Chocolate blended with the most buzzing honey


Hyper POPcorn | £2.00

Flavours: Chilli and Lime, Nacho Cheese, Buffalo Wings