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HyperReality VR world envision

Place with No Name

``Hyper Reality's Place with No Name experiences are our premium experiences that literally transport you to another world. You are no longer standing in one place, but encouraged to walk around and explore foreign Japanese lands, or wizarding worlds. Experiences last between eight to fifteen minutes and it's for one to two intrepid players.``
full immersion, class-based, breathtaking VR zombie shooter

Last Team 2

Completed Last Team I in Hyper's Arena, now have a go at Last Team II in Hyper's Place with No Name. Select from 4 playable characters each with unqiue weapons and specials. Hide behind barriers and fend off the zombie horde. For one to two players. With haptic vest £18 per person, without haptic vest £16 per person.

Last Team II

breathtaking, thrilling,haunted house rollercoaster experience on motion chairs

Hotel Paranormal

What are the remnants of a burnt down hotel? Single player only £12 per go

Hotel Paranormal

Japanese Adventure

Find your lost friend in a yokai (Japanese Monster) filled world. Make sure you don’t let them see you as well! For 1 -2 players for £12 per person
HyperReality free-roam Spirited Away inspired VR game

Japanese Adventure

VR free-roam zombie themed tactical shooter

WWII Agent

Feel like a special agent, Mr. Bond?
Available now at Hyper's Place with No Name.
Come experience it today!
For 1-2 intrepid agents for £15 per person

WWII Agent

Wizards and Dragons

Ever wanted to be a wizard and battle dragons? Now’s your chance.
For 1 to 2 wizards at £15 per person
VR Free-roam experience based on Harry Potter

wizards and dragon


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