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HyperReality VR world envision

Place with No Name

``Hyper Reality's Place with No Name experiences are our premium experiences that literally transport you to another world.``

The Last Team

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse as you and your team mates are the last team! Save and shoot the red barrels when you feel overwhelmed. Coop up to 3 Players £15 per person

Last Team 2

Completed Last Team I in Hyper's Arena, now have a go at Last Team II in Hyper's Place with No Name. Select from 4 playable characters each with unqiue weapons and specials. Hide behind barriers and fend off the zombie horde. For one to two players. £20 per person
breathtaking, thrilling,haunted house rollercoaster experience on motion chairs

Hotel Paranormal

What are the remnants of a burnt down hotel? Single player only. £15 pp

Japanese Adventure

Find your lost friend in a yokai (Japanese Monster) filled world. Make sure you don’t let them see you as well! For 1 -2 players for £15 per person
HyperReality free-roam Spirited Away inspired VR game
VR free-roam zombie themed tactical shooter

WWII Agent

Feel like a special agent, Mr. Bond?
Available now at Hyper's Place with No Name.
Come experience it today!
For 1-2 intrepid agents for £18 per person

Wizards and Dragons

Ever wanted to be a wizard and battle dragons? Now’s your chance.
For 1 to 2 wizards at £18 per person
VR Free-roam experience based on Harry Potter