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HyperReality VR world envision

The Arena

``Hyper Reality's The Arena Experiences are all about chasing high scores, next level laser tagging in VR, or working together to survive an all out zombie apocalypse. Experiences last a minimum of 8 minutes up to 15 minutes for one to four players``
Breathtaking, immersive and fun VR zombie shooter with haptic vests and guns

The Last Team

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse as you and your team mates are the last team! Save and shoot the red barrels when you feel overwhelmed. Coop up to 4 Players for £8 per person Extreme version with Haptic Vest to really get into the action with zombie scratches and zombie dog bites - £2 more per person

Speedy Gun Savage

Mastered all the Beat Saber songs? Now's your chance to combine similar gaming mechanics and shoot your way out of different worlds! £8 per person

Tower Tag

Looking to jump into the insane world of VR Laser Tag? Pit your skills against the best in this amazing cyber shooting title. £8 per person
HyperReality VR arena shooter at elevated heights

Burning Descent

The Burning Descent is an intuitive, fast-paced competitive VR shooter in which you take the role of mercenaries battling in a deathmatch arena.

RevolVR 3

On a dusty planet with sand-blasting winds, gun-making tycoons start renting robot bodies to adventurous humans with hotshot ambitions in return for trying out their newly designed revolver handguns. Gunslingers of all sorts load into robotic bodies to take part in grand Frontier-like stand-offs and show off their skills and shooting styles. Choose one of four characters with unique revolvers and battle your way through three arenas. Jump, duck, hide behind covers and choose unusual angles to shoot from. Let the best bot win!

The Hopping Dead

Step inside the Eastern world of Chinese zombies. Coop Play and try to survive. Hold your breath!


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