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The Arena

``Hyper Reality's The Arena Experiences are all about chasing high scores or working together to survive an all out zombie apocalypse. Experiences last a minimum of 8 minutes up to 15 minutes for one to four players``

Zombie Jail

In an isolated prison deep within the desert, you are at ground 0 for an incoming zombie apocalypse . Hold your ground and escape by mowing them down using our haptic-feedback guns. The world must be saved. Horror shooting / Zombie apocalypse /Haptic firearms
Number of players: 2 - 4 people £12 per person

The Last Team

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse as you and your team mates are the last team! Save and shoot the red barrels when you feel overwhelmed. Coop up to 4 Players £15 per person

ZombieJail - No Mercy

Under the ruthless ravage of zombies, the survivors finally came to an abandoned town. When everyone naively thought they had got rid of these monsters, they did not expect that the entire town had already been occupied by zombies. They are ready to move, coveting the flesh and blood of these survivors... Horror shooting / zombie apocalypse / physical firearms
Number of players: 2 - 4 people 12£ per person

Super Ninja

Prepare to step into the shoes of a Master Ninja and hack & slash your way through the enemy hordes, assaulting the opposing castle. Team Adventure/Ninja Guardian/Japanese Story
Number of players: 2 - 4 people 12£ per person


An alien visitor was deeply attracted by the beauty of the earth and decided to visit. However, he accidentally triggered a mechanism, causing the huge water tower to turn into a robot. The robot emitted strange radio waves and turned the residents into zombies. A doctor decided to come forward. He needs to activate the laser cannon to destroy the robot. We must try our best to cover the doctor and buy him time... Team Adventure/Zombie Shooting/Child-Friendly
Number of players: 2 - 4 people
12£ per person


A group of green-skinned barbarians lived in a cave in Northern Europe. The barbarians continued to plunder villages and steal treasures in order to survive. The village chief wanted to protect his homeland from being attacked by barbarians, so he gave hope to the brave Vikings! Brave Vikings, it’s time to fight back! Team Adventure/Savage Shooting/Colorful World
Number of players: 2 - 4 people
12£ per person